A quick trip to Barcelona - why not!?

Whilst studying for my final year, an opportunity arose to attend a 48 hour hackathon in Barcelona at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Despite it being my final year, a quick weekend 900 mile trip was needed..! 

The flights were covered by MLH‘s travel reimbursement policy so all that was needed to pay for was the hotel, which was also great! 

During my time in Barcelona, me and my travel partner Brandon spent a bit of time exploring the city before starting on the hackathon. We decided to go for the Skyscanner challenge, which was to develop a piece of software using their API’s that would aid future travellers.

Our final product after 48 hours of work was a simple Android application that could provide data on how cheap it was to travel to any country the user chose from the map. This was achieved through calculating the cheapest return weekly flight within the next 4 weeks to the country that the user has selected. The source code can be found here: https://github.com/geoking/flightjumper 

It was great experience to be able to show off our app in front of Skyscanner developers and it was nice to hear positive feedback on our idea.

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