What makes a good design?

This question is going to haunt me all year.

For Interaction Design, we have a specific set of requirements to fulfill in building a prototype wireframe system, and one of the requirements is that it needs to be built for a Kiosk style help system.

Aston Endangered Animal Sanctuary. What a name.

Essentially, this system needs to be suitable for two different purposes: A self contained Kiosk system that can be used around this virtual non-existent park, and as a website for users looking to visit the park. On top of the basic website / system, we need to design an interactive map which is within the system, as well as several of the pages which are a part of the requirements.

My thinking for this is that as its a touch screened based system to go full on Windows 8 style. Massive buttons, with bigger buttons indicating more important features within the system. The map is going to be the most important feature, so will have the biggest main screen button. Another requirement means that the opening times, phone number and other important information will need to be held within the main home screen as well, in which this will be near the top. Reason being is that again, people visiting on the outside will need this information immediately, so it should be important.

In fact, that’s probably a good idea: Lay out the requirements that the web user would want immediately against the requirements a park visitor will want immediately, and make these the stand out sections. Nice one George.

We’ll have to see how this one goes. I just feel like I’m going to hate design after making this system, the mobile app I’m making, a computer animation, a game AND my final year project, all in one year. Woop.

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