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So it’s been a sweet while since my last blog post. So much so that it’s tricky even writing this post after so long – a lot has happened in my life which I’m going to summarise within this post.

To start off with, I had planned to do a multitude of other blog posts between this one and the first lot I did back in 2017, and I have them all saved as drafts ready to be written up and published at some stage. If I ever get to publishing them they will be linked here, but for now I’ll stick to at least getting this one finished and written up!

A short history, by George King

Over the last three years, a lot has happened in my life. 

To start with, I now have a first class Computing Science degree to my name, which is always nice to reminisce over! Working at Aston was challenging but overall fulfilling; having deadlines and goals to work towards really helps me focus on getting these tasks finished. 

I then started my job at Aviva working on the MyPension platform, for which I have been working on ever since.

Onto new horizons

I love my job at Aviva and it is refreshing to work on new journeys, datasets and opportunities. 

However, despite this, my aim for reviving this blog and hopefully having a more productive ethos because of it, is that I want to work on things outside of the usual 9-5. I started revising for the AWS Developer certificate and will soon hopefully hold this certificate under my name, once completed. I also want to start building an app for an idea I have had, something that would be an iOS app in the form of a simple to do list app. This will hopefully expand my knowledge on the iOS ecosystem, as well as introduce me to SwiftUI, a new UI-building tool in Swift.

In time, I will therefore be reshaping my blog to accomodate these new horizons, with progress reports as to how far I get printed on this blog. 

Thanks for reading, don’t let me down future George!

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